Ailurivirus A

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Ailurivirus A seqs

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  Current species name: Ailurivirus A
Proposed binomial species name: Ailurivirus agiapa

Derivation of binomial species name: a plus giant panda
Virus common name: Aimelivirus

Aimelvirus has been found in giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) (Zhang et al., 2017). There are two aimelvirus types.

Genome organisation:


Ailurivirus A or Aimelvirus types based on VP1 nt differences with a cut-off of 25% (Knowles, unpub.).


Zhang, W., Yang, S., Shan, T., Hou, R., Liu, Z., Li, W., Guo, L., Wang, Y., Chen, P., Wang, X., Feng, F., Wang, H., Chen, C., Shen, Q., Zhou, C., Hua, X., Cui, L., Deng, X., Zhang, Z., Qi, D. and Delwart, E. (2017). Virome comparisons in wild-diseased and healthy captive giant pandas. Microbiome 5: 90.

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