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  Below is a list of former picornaviruses which have been re-assigned to other virus families or remain unassigned.

Original virus name New name
(if changed)
Family Genus Accession
Acute bee paralysis virus   Dicistroviridae unassigned AF150629 Govan and Davison, 2000
Aphid lethal paralysis virus   Dicistroviridae Cripavirus AF536531

Van Munster et al., 2002

Arkansas bee virus*   unassigned unassigned    
Avian nephritis virus 1   Astroviridae Avastrovirus


Imada et al., 2000
Avian nephritis virus 2   Astroviridae Avastrovirus    
Avian nephritis virus 3   Astroviridae Avastrovirus    
Bee slow paralysis virus   Iflaviridae unassigned EU035616 deMiranda et al., unpub.
Bee virus X*   unassigned unassigned    
Avian entero-like virus 1 Avian nephritis virus Astroviridae Avastrovirus EU669002 Todd et al., 2009
Avian entero-like virus 3 Chicken astrovirus Astroviridae Avastrovirus EU669001 Todd et al., 2009
Avian entero-like virus 4 Chicken astrovirus Astroviridae Avastrovirus EU668999 Todd et al., 2009
Cricket paralysis virus   Dicistroviridae Cripavirus AF218039 Wilson et al., 2000
Drosophila A virus   unassigned unassigned FJ150422 Ambrose et al., 2009
Drosophila C virus   Dicistroviridae Cripavirus AF014388 Johnson and Christian, 1998
Drosophila P virus*   unassigned unassigned    
Duck hepatitis virus II Duck astrovirus 1 Astroviridae Avastrovirus EU669004 Todd et al., 2009
Duck hepatitis virus III   Astroviridae Avastrovirus EU669004 Todd et al., 2009
Feline picornavirus Feline calicivirus Caliciviridae Vesivirus M86379 Carter et al., 1992
Echovirus 10 Mammalian
orthoreovirus 1
Reoviridae Orthoreovirus M24734 Wiener and Joklik, 1989
        AF378003 Breun et al., 2001
        AF129820 Harrison et al., 1999
        AF461682 Parker et al., 2002
        AF490617 Chandran et al., 1999
        AF174382 McCutcheon et al., 1999
Gonometa virus*   unassigned unassigned    
Infectious flacherie virus Iflaviridae Iflavirus AB000906 Isawa et al., 1998
Nodamura virus   Nodaviridae Alphanodavirus AF174533;
Johnson et al., 2003
Queensland fruit fly virus*   unassigned unassigned   Bashiruddin et al., 1988
Sacbrood virus   Iflaviridae Iflavirus AF092924

Ghosh et al., 1999

Rhopalosiphum padi virus   Dicistroviridae Cripavirus AF022937 Moon et al., 1998
Taura syndrome virus   Dicistroviridae unassigned AF277675

Mari et al., 2002

Triatoma virus   Dicistroviridae Cripavirus AF178440

Czibener et al., 2000

Turkey entero-like virus Turkey astrovirus 2 Astroviridae Avastrovirus


Guy and Barnes, 1991;
Guy et al., 2004
Vesicular exanthema virus Vesicular exanthema
of swine virus
Caliciviridae Vesivirus U76874;
Neill et al., 1998;
Neill et al., unpub.
*, no sequence data are yet available.
, DAV is a novel RNA virus which does not appear to belong to any existing family.


Bashiruddin, J.B., Martin, J.L. and Reinganum, C. (1988). Queensland fruit fly virus, a probable member of the Picornaviridae. Arch Virol. 100: 61-74.

Guy, J.S. and Barnes, H.J. (1991). Partial characterization of a turkey enterovirus-like virus. Avian Dis. 35:197-203.

Guy, J.S., Miles, A.M., Smith, L., Fuller, F.J. and Schultz-Cherry, S. (2004). Antigenic and genomic characterization of turkey enterovirus-like virus (North Carolina, 1988 isolate): identification of the virus as turkey astrovirus 2. Avian Diseases 48: 206-211.

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