Fur seal picornavirus

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Fur seal PV seqs

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Amundsen virus
Bird hepatovirus
Fur seal picornavirus
Garigal virus
Loch Levan  virus
Myna hepatovirus
Ross virus
Scott virus
Sphenifaro virus
Sphenigellan virus
Sphenilena virus
Sphenimaju virus
Waterwitch virus
Whistler virus
  Sequences of a virus described as fur seal picornavirus have been described (Kluge et al., 2016). It appears to be distantly related to both hepatoviruses and tremoviruses.


Kluge, M., Campos, F.S., Tavares, M., de Amorim, D.B., Valdez, F.P., Giongo, A., Roehe, P.M. and Franco, A.C. (2016). Metagenomic survey of viral diversity obtained from feces of Subantarctic and South American fur seals. PLoS One 11(3): e0151921.


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