Equine cabavirus

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Bat kobu-like viruses
British Admiral virus
Cayenne cane toad PV
Equine cabavirus
Pacific black duck sicini-like virus
Pipistrelle picornavirus
Red-necked stint gallivirus
Shirase virus
Theobald's toad-headed agama PV 1
Virus common name: Equine cabavirus
Sample: 5395/CA/USA/2020
Species: unassigned
Genus: unassigned (possible salivirus)
Supergroup: SG-2
Genome organisation:  
Sequence length (nt): 7101 (incomplete)
Host: Equus ferus caballus (horse)
Isolated: no
Database accession: MZ457016
PMID: 34452477
DOI: 10.3390/v13081612
Reference: Altan E, Hui A, Li Y, Pesavento P, Asín J, Crossley B, Deng X, Uzal FA, Delwart E. New Parvoviruses and Picornavirus in Tissues and Feces of Foals with Interstitial Pneumonia. Viruses. 2021 Aug 14;13(8):1612.

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