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  Aalivirus A is a new species in the genus Aalivirus.

Aalivirus is a new picornavirus found in ducks in China (Wang et al., 2014). It is most closely related to duck hepatitis A virus (genus Avihepatovirus) and to avisivirus A1 (genus Avisivirus). The name "aalivirus" is derived from Avihepatovirus/Avisivirus-like virus. Compared to DHAVs, aalivirus has on average 37.7%, 39% and 43.7% aa identities in the P1, P2 and P3 regions, respectively. It is unusual in being predicted to possess six 2A proteins, four of which have NPGP motifs. The lengths of these predicted 2A proteins is 19, 133, 150, 131, 169 and 123 aa. Wang et al. (2014) suggest that this new duck picornavirus should be classified in a new species, "Aalivirus A" and a new genus, "Aalivirus".

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Wang, X., Liu, N., Wang, F., Ning, K., Li, Y. and Zhang, D. (2014). Genetic characterization of a novel duck-origin picornavirus with six 2A proteins. J. Gen. Virol. 95: 1289-1296.

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