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  Carp picornavirus  1 (CPV-1) or limnipivirus B1 (LimV-B1) infects the common carp (Cyprinus carpio), a freshwater fish. 7634 nt of the genome including 524 nt of the 5' UTR and 284 nt of the unusually long 3' UTR have been sequenced (Lange et al., 2012, 2014). Like bluegill picornavirus 1 (BGPV-1), CPV-1 is predicted to possess two 2A polypeptides both with NPG↓P motifs, the second of which is 133 aa in length.

Wenling bighead beaked sandfish picornavirus (MG600092) is closely related (~75% nt / ~82% aa identity in VP1) and is now designated limnipivirus B2 (LimV-B2).

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