Mischivirus C seqs

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  Genus: Mischivirus

Species: Mischivirus C

Type: icavirus A1 (IcaV-A1)
5' UTR L VP4 VP2 VP3 VP1 2A 2B 2C 3A 3B 3C 3D 3' UTR

(White areas indicate genes which haven't yet been sequenced completely; grey areas are where only partial sequences exist)

Virus Strain Region Length Accession No. Host Reference Comments

Icavirus A1 (IcaV-A1)

IcaV-A1 bat/PREDICT-06105/TNo13/DRC/2013 CG 8096 KP100644 Hipposideros gigas Ng et al., unpub.  

Icavirus A? (IcaV-A?) (84% aa identity with Icavirus A1)

IcaV-A? Rcet88-19/Myo_myo/ROU/2008
3D(p)+3'UTR 996 JQ916935 Myotis myotis Drexler et al., unpub.  
IcaV-A? Rcet88-21/Myo_myo/ROU/2008 3D(p)+3'UTR 992 JQ916936 Myotis myotis Drexler et al., unpub.  
IcaV-A? Rcet88-62/Myo_oxy/ROU/2008
3D(p)+3'UTR 993 JQ916937 Myotis oxygnathus Drexler et al., unpub.  
CG = complete genome
(p) = partial gene sequence


Ng, T.F.F., Schneider, B.S., Gillis, A., LeBreton, M., Kondov, N.O., Coffey, L., Wolfe, N.D. and Delwart, E. Virome of African animals. Unpublished.




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