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  Three picornaviruses have been discovered in bats in Hong Kong SAR (Lau et al., 2011). They appear to be most closely related to the sapeloviruses.

Bat picornavirus 3 (BPV-3)

BPV-3 was detected in the Great round-leaf bat (Hipposideros armiger) and the Chinese horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus sinicus).

Genome organisation:



Lau, S.K., Woo, P.C., Lai, K.K., Huang, Y., Yip, C.C., Shek, C.T., Lee, P., Lam, C.S., Chan, K.H. and Yuen, K.Y. (2011). Complete genome analysis of three novel picornaviruses from diverse bat species. J. Virol. 85: 8819-8828. [Epub ahead of print 2011 Jun 22].

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