Aalivirus A seqs

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  Genus: Aalivirus

Species: Aalivirus A

Type: aalivirus A1 (AalV-A1)   
5' UTR VP0 VP3 VP1 2A1 2A2 2A3 2A4 2A5 2A6 2B 2C 3A 3B 3C 3D 3' UTR

(White areas indicate genes which haven't yet been sequenced completely; grey areas are where only partial sequences exist)

Virus Strain Region Length Accession No. Reference Host Comments

aalivirus A1 (AalV-A1)

AalV-A1 duck/GL/12/China/2012 CG 8976 KJ000696 Wang et al., 2014 Pekin duck  

Pacific black duck aalivirus

  pbd/7615nt/PBD08.18-AU-2018   7615 MT247844 Vibin et al., 2020 Anas superciliosa  
  pbd/4768nt/PBD05.18-AU-2018   4768 MT247841 Vibin et al., 2020 Anas superciliosa  
  pbd/4182nt/PBD05.18-AU-2018   4182 MT247842 Vibin et al., 2020 Anas superciliosa  

Chestnut teal aalivirus

  ct/N145/2010nt/CT05.18-AU-2018   2010 MT247834 Vibin et al., 2020 Anas castanea  
  ct/N55/2515nt/CT05.18-AU-2018   2515 MT247835 Vibin et al., 2020 Anas castanea  
CG = complete genome
(p) = partial gene sequence


Vibin J, Chamings A, Klaassen M, Bhatta TR, Alexandersen S. Metagenomic characterisation of avian parvoviruses and picornaviruses from Australian wild ducks. Sci Rep. 2020 Jul 30;10(1):12800. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-69557-z. PMID: 32733035; PMCID: PMC7393117.

Wang, X., Liu, N., Wang, F., Ning, K., Li, Y. and Zhang, D. (2014). Genetic characterization of a novel duck-origin picornavirus with six 2A proteins. J. Gen. Virol. 95: 1289-1296.


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