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  The genome sequences of six picornaviruses of red-crowned cranes (Grus japonensis) have been deposited on GenBank (Wang et al., 2018).

Strain Length Accession Most closely related genus
   (3Dpol aa idenity)
yc-1/China/2014 7443 KY312540 Hepatovirus (40%)
yc-2/China/2014 7073 KY312541 Hepatovirus (40%)
yc-3/China/2014 6912 KY312542 Avihepatovirus (54%)
yc-4/China/2014 6809 KY312543 Avihepatovirus (53%)
yc-5/China/2014 7917 KY312544 Avihepatovirus (51%)
yc-6/China/2014 7104 KY312545 Avihepatovirus (53%)

Each of the sequences (based on comparisons of the polyproteins) are distantly related to each other. For example, the approximate amino acid identity between yc-1 and yc-2 is only 32%; yc3 and yc-4 is 41%; yc4 and yc-5 is 37%; yc-5 and yc-6 is 38%; yc-3 and yc-5 is 71%; yc-3 and yc-6 is 38%; yc-4 and yc-6 is 46%.

Wang Y, Yang S, Liu D, Zhou C, Li W, Lin Y, Wang X, Shen Q, Wang H, Li C, Zong M, Ding Y, Song Q, Deng X, Qi D, Zhang W, Delwart E. The fecal virome of red-crowned cranes. Arch Virol. 2018 Sep 17. doi: 10.1007/s00705-018-4037-x. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 30225519.

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