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  Bopivirus A is a species in the genus Bopivirus (from bovine picornavivrus).

The genome sequence of a novel bovine picornavirus has been placed on the public databases
(R. Tokarz & W.I. Lipkin, unpub.). It appears to lack a leader polypeptide and is most closely related to the erboviruses. A second genotype has been reported (László et al., 2021).

Genome organisation:



László Z, Pankovics P, Reuter G, Cságola A, Bálint Á, Albert M, Boros Á. Multiple Types of Novel Enteric Bopiviruses (Picornaviridae) with the Possibility of Interspecies Transmission Identified from Cloven-Hoofed Domestic Livestock (Ovine, Caprine and Bovine) in Hungary. Viruses. 2021; 13(1):66.

Tokarz, R. and Lipkin, W.I. New picornavirus in cattle. Unpublished.
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