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  Murine kobuvirus 1 (MuKV-1) M-5 was amplified from the faeces of a canyon mouse (Peromyscus crinitus) in the USA in 2010 (Phan et al., 2011). MuKV-1 is most closely related to, but distinct from, both canine kobuvirus 1 and Aichi virus 1.

A second sequence (partial 3D+3'UTR) of a MuKV has been released on GenBank (JQ408726), It was identified in a striped field mouse (Apodemus agrarius) in Hungary in 2010 (Farkas et al., 2012). The two sequences have 83.6% nt identity over the whole sequence and 93.2% aa identity in the 3D pol.

The nearly complete genome (the 5'UTR and part of the leader-coding region are missing) of a kobuvirus found in sewage in Kathmandu, Nepal has been sequenced (Ng et al., 2012). It is most closely related to murine kobuvirus 1.


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