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  There are two major differences between porcine kobuvirus 1 (PKV-1) and the other kobuviruses; 1) PKV-1 possesses a type IV IRES, while the others have a type II IRES; 2) within the 2B region, PKV-1 encodes two copies of a 30-amino-acid (90-nucleotide)-long motif, AANRVAESIETTAS(/T)V(/A)VREADLARSTLNISM, one after the other (in tandem), which extends the 2B region (to 585 instead of 495 nucleotide in U1 or Aichi virus).

Van den Brand et al. (2011) have detected the genome of porcine kobuvirus in a  faecal swab obtained from a pine marten (Martes martes).


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