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  Oscivirus A is a species in the genus Oscivirus. The name is derived from from Oscines (Latin oscen, "a songbird").

The species is comprised of two picornaviruses which were identified in wild birds (robins and thrushes) of the families Muscicapidae and
Turdidae. Woo et al. (2010) suggested that they be named turdivirus (TV) 2 and TV-3 (see Passerivirus A for TV-1) and be classified within a novel picornavirus genus with the name "Paraturdivirus". The Picornaviridae Study Group has decided that these names are unsuitable and have proposed the name oscivirus as outlined above. Rather than being classified into two different virus species, TV-2 and TV-3, as suggested by Woo et al. (2010), it is proposed that they form two (geno)types within a single species, Oscivirus A, and be named oscivirus A1 and oscivirus A2. See also Passerivirus (turdivirus 1)

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Woo, P.C., Lau, S.K., Huang, Y., Lam, C.S., Poon, R.W., Tsoi, H.W., Lee, P., Tse, H., Chan, A.S., Luk, G., Chan, K.H. and Yuen, K.Y. (2010). Comparative analysis of six genome sequences of three novel picornaviruses, turdiviruses 1, 2 and 3, in dead wild birds and proposal of two novel genera, Orthoturdivirus and Paraturdivirus, in Picornaviridae. J. Gen. Virol. 91: 2433-2448. 2010 Jun 16. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 20554801.

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