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  Salivirus A is the type (and only) species of the genus Salivirus.

Two closely related human kobu-like viruses have been reported:

Salivirus, NG-J1 (Li et al., 2009; GQ179640);

Human klassevirus 1, isolate 02394-01 (Greninger et al., 2009; GQ184145);

Human klassevirus 1 (Holtz et al., 2009; GQ253930).

Recently, the nearly complete genome sequence (6397 nt) of a candidate second salivirus type has been determined from a sewage sample from Bangkok, Thailand (Ng et al., 2012; SaliV-SewBKK; JQ898343). A closely related genome sequence has been found in a child in China (Yu & Duan, unpub.; KM023140).

Genome organisation:


Host range

Saliviruses have been detected in humans and chimpanzees.

3A polypeptide

Recently, Greninger et al. (2012) have report that the N-terminal glycines of Aichi virus, bovine kobuvirus and human salivirus (klassevirus) are myristoylated despite not having a canonical myristoylation motif (GxxxT/S).


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