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  Sicinivirus A is a new species in the new genus, Sicinivirus.

Sicinivirus 1
is a new picornavirus detected in chickens in the Republic of Ireland. Sicini is the Gaelic word for chickens. Sicinivirus 1 is most closely related to passerivirus A1 (formerly turdivirus 1) having amino acid identities of 30.5%, 38.1% and 46.8% in the P1, P2 and P3 polypeptides, respectively.

The genome sequences of two picornaviruses (designated chicken picornavirus 1 by the authors) are most closely related to Sicinivirus 1 (Lau et al., 2014).

The siciniviruses fall into 5 genetic groups (types) based on comparisons of their VP1 sequences (N.J. Knowles, unpublished data).

Genome organisation:



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