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  Avisivirus A is a species in the genus Avisivirus. It comprises of a novel picornavirus discovered in Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) in Hungary and named turkey avisivirus 1 (TuAsV-1) (from avihepatovirus sister-clade). It is most closely related to, but distinct from, Duck hepatitis A virus (genus Avihepatovirus) (Boros et al., 2013). Uniquely, TuAsV-1 has four 2A-like motifs (but probably only three 2A polypeptides).

A second genome sequence of an avisivirus in turkeys in the USA has been determined (Ng et al., 2013); the two genomes share 81% nt identity. Their VP1 sequences share 77% nt identity and 87% aa identity. However, the two polyproteins differ in that the polypeptide containing the second 2A motif (76 aa) is missing in the American virus.

The 5' UTR of avisiviruses is predicted to contain a type II internal ribosome entry site (IRES) (Boros et al., 2013).

Genome organisation


?, indicates that it is unclear if a cleavage occurs between 1D and the short 2A-like peptide.
(), indicates that this predicted polypeptide is not present in all the avisiviruses.


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Ng, T.F.F., Cheung, A.K., Wong, W., Lager, K.M., Kondov, N.O., Cha, Y., Murphy, D.A., Pogranichniy, R.M. and Delwart, E. (2013). Divergent picornavirus from a turkey with gastrointestinal disease. Genome Announcements 1 (3), e00134-13.

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