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  Pasivirus A is a species in the genus Pasivirus.

Sauvage et al. (2012) recently described the molecular detection of a new picornavirus in healthy pigs in France. They named it swine pasivirus;
Pasivirus” for “Parecho sister-clade virus”, with the “Swine pasivirus 1” (SPaV1) proposed as the type species. More details will follow later...

A second swine pasivirus genome sequence (from pig faeces) was submitted to GenBank on 15-AUG-2012 (JX491648; Yu et al., 2013). The two genomes share 80% nt identity. Their VP1 nt and aa sequences differ by about 24.5% and 16.5%, respectively, therefore they may represent two distinct types.

A third swine pasivirus genome sequence has been determined and has been predicted to contain a type IV IRES (KM259923; Boros et al., 2015).

The three viruses share 72-75% nt identity and 74-77% aa identity in their VP1 regions, suggesting they belong to three distinct (geno)types, PaV-A1, PaV-A2 and PaV-3.

Genome organization:



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