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  European Study Group on the Molecular Biology of Picornaviruses  
  Europic 2022 XXIth Meeting in the United Kingdom; 5-9 June 2022.
  Europic 2020 (Cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic) XXIth Meeting in Helsinki, Finland; 1-4 June 2020.
  Europic 2018
XXth Meeting in the Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands; 3-7 June 2018.
  Europic 2016
XIXth Meeting in les Diablerets, Switzerland;4-8 September 2016.
  Europic 2014
XVIIIth Meeting in Blankenberge, Belgium; March 9-14 2014.
  Europic 2012
XVIIth Meeting in Saint RaphaŽl, France; France, 3-7 June 2012.
  Europic 2010 XVIth Meeting in St. Andrews, Scotland; 11-16 September , 2010. Organiser by David Evans Terry Jackson, Andrew Macadam, Martin Ryan & Glyn Stanway.
  Europic 2008
XVth Meeting in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain; 26-30 May 2008. Organised by Albert Bosch & Esteban Domingo.
  Europic 2006
XIVth Meeting in Saariselka, Inari, Finland; 26 Nov-1 Dec 2006.
  Europic 2005
XIIIth Meeting in Lunteren, Netherlands; 23-29 May 2005.
Special Lecture: Gert Vriend - Picornainformatics
  Europicamerica 2002
XIIth Meeting in North Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA; 14-18 May 2002 at the Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort and Conference Center (Cape Cod).
  Europic 2000
Europic2000.jpg (21778 bytes)
XIth Meeting in Baia delle Zagare, Mattinata, Italy; 25-31 May 2000. Organised by Raoul Perez-Bercoff.
  Europic '98
Xth Meeting in Jena, Germany; 5-11 September 1998.
  Europic '96
IXth Meeting in Gmunden, Austria; 18-24 May 1996.
  Europic '94 VIIIth Meeting in Korpilampi, Finland; 6-11 August 1994.
List of participants
  Europic '91 VIIth Meeting in Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom; 24-30 August 1991.
  Europic '89
VIth Meeting in Bruges, Belgium; 10-16 September 1989.
  Europic '87 Vth Meeting in Majorca, Spain
  Europic '85 IVth Meeting in Seillac, France.
  Europic '83 IIIrd Meeting in Urbino, Italy; 5-10 September 1983.
  Europic '81 IInd Meeting in Hamburg, Germany; 9-12 August 1981. Organized by Rudolf Dernick and Gebhard Koch.
Europic '79 Ist Meeting in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands; 24-27 October 1979. Organized by Simon Barteling and Rob Meloen, Central Veterinary Institute, Lelystad.

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