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Bat picornaviruses
Picornaviruses of fish, amphibian & reptiles
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  A number of picornaviruses are listed here whose partial or full genome sequences have been determined, but they have not yet been assigned to either a species or genus.
  Viruses related to supergroup 1
 (Ailurivirus, Aphthovirus, Bopivirus, Cardiovirus, Cosavirus, Erbovirus, Hunnivirus, Malagasivirus, Marsupivirus, Mischivirus, Mosavirus, Mupivirus, Senecavirus, Teschovirus, Torchivirus and Tottorivirus)
Viruses related to supergroup 2
 (Danipivirus, Dicipivirus, Gallivirus, Hemipivirus, Kobuvirus, Livupivirus, Ludopivirus, Megrivirus, Myrropivirus, Oscivirus, Passerivirus, Pemapivirus, Poecivirus, Pygoscepivirus, Rafivirus, Rajidapivirus, Rosavirus, Sakobuvirus, Salivirus, Sicinivirus, Symapivirus and Tropivirus
  Viruses related to supergroup 3
 (Anativirus, Boosepivirus, Diresapivirus, Enterovirus, Felipivirus, Parabovirus, Rabovirus and Sapelovirus)
  Viruses related to supergroup 4
Aalivirus, Aquamavirus, Avihepatovirus, Avisivirus, Crohivirus, Grusopivirus, Kunsagivirus, Limnipivirus, Orivirus, Parechovirus, Pasivirus, Potamipivirus and Shanbavirus)
  Viruses related to supergroup 5
Caecilivirus, Crahelivirus, Fipivirus, Gruhelivirus, Hepatovirus, Rohelivirus and Tremovirus)
    Bat picornavirus BtRf-PicoV-2 (sequences)
  Picornaviruses awaiting any sort of assignment
    Picornaviruses of fish, amphibians and reptiles
    Rodent picornaviruses
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