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  Megrivirus C is a species in the genus Megrivirus.

Two megri-like viruses have been detected in chickens in USA and Hungary (Farkas et al., 2012; Boros et al., 2014). A third chicken megrivirus (called chicken picornavirus 5) has recently been described (Lau et al., 2014). Kim et al. (2015) have described a chicken megrivirus (which they call chicken proventriculitis virus) as a possible cause of transmissible viral proventriculitis in chickens.

Two partial sequences from chickens with runting-stunting syndrome (Kim et al., unpub.) appear to be chick megriviruses. They were named by the authors as chicken picornavirus HK-2014 along with a partial sequence of a virus most closely related to quail picornavirus 1.

Avian entero-like virus 2 (McNulty et al., 1987) has recently been shown to be a chicken megrivirus (Knowles et al., unpub.).

Genome organisation:



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